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 Travel - Libeskind Comes To Newry

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Travel - Libeskind Comes To Newry Empty
PostSubject: Travel - Libeskind Comes To Newry   Travel - Libeskind Comes To Newry Icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 9:16 am

Libeskind Comes To Newry

A tried and tested formula that's almost become cliché these days for any aspiring but ultimately unimportant place is to try and get a starchitect to design a landmark building - they all look jealously towards Bilbao.

The latest of these is Newry in Northern Ireland, a town with a population of about 27,400 that's close to the border with the Republic of Ireland. The proposal features the redevelopment of a 15-acre site overlooking the Albert Basin, old brownfield land that was previously industrial docks and warehouses that have fallen into disrepair.

The land is owned by the local council who have invited bids on what to do with it so Parker Green International, a company more familiar with building Walmart retail parks, has hired Danniel Libeskind to come up with a concept design for a signature building.

It's a typical design from Libeskind with curving angled walls and a sloping concave roof that rises to a spire rising from a sharp corner on one edge of the building that within which a viewing platform will be accommodated. The precise nature of the structure is yet to be determined, and is more a concept than a detailed design, but it is likely to be a cultural building.

Parker Green is eager to redevelop the Albert Basin - so eager in fact that they have offered the local council £10 million for the land to be paid over the period of ten years regardless of whether it will be developed or not. The would-be developer claims that this is twice what the site is currently worth.

The decision by Newry Council on whether or not to offload the land to Parker Green will be made on Monday.

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Travel - Libeskind Comes To Newry
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