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 Buddha Says Build Big Statue In Kushinagar

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PostSubject: Buddha Says Build Big Statue In Kushinagar   Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:01 am

Whereas places like Dubai mark their emergence with a hedonist splurge of tall buildings, India is setting itself apart by focusing as much on the spiritual side of life.

The Maitreya Project in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, which has been developed by a group of Buddhists who fled from Tibet is the latest of these.

It features a monumentally large temple topped by a 152 metre tall Maitreya statue sitting atop a throne that will be three times the size of the Statue of Liberty. Along with the Valle de los Caídos in Spain, it will be the tallest sculpture in the world.

Mindful that the spiritual is supposed to be ageless and that monuments generally crumble to dust over time, the statue will consist of 6,000 bronze aluminium panels and has been designed to have a life of at least 1,000 years before it requires renovation.

A rigid adherence to the design code of Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian idea similar to Feng Shui that helps the built environment achieve metaphysical harmony, is followed throughout the scheme with a blend of Indian and Tibetan aesthetics.

The throne of the statue isn't just for show. It is also designed as a 17 storey temple with 15 shrine rooms including one 140 metres tall and a room that will contain the largest collection of the Buddha's relics, something that is bound to be a major draw for the multitudes.

The scheme is being led by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a Nepalese Tibetan teacher who is the Lawudo Lama, an important spiritual position in China. He has brought together a consortium of different backers not only from the region, but also the UK, Japan and America.

As well as providing a religious aspect, the project is also set to build hospitals and schools for the area although of the budget, $195 million is for the statue and temple, $35 million for health and education and $20 million for development of the 750 acre site with guesthouses and food-halls to accommodate all those western tourists eager for spiritual enlightenment and an emptier wallet

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PostSubject: Re: Buddha Says Build Big Statue In Kushinagar   Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:50 pm

Nice to meet you


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Buddha Says Build Big Statue In Kushinagar
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